Generation unprepared – Just graduating from university is no longer enough to get a job

Generation unprepared -   Just graduating from university is no longer enough to get a job

While on paper young employees are more qualified than ever before, Somethings are showing up to work with degrees from universities that are “disconnected from the workforce”, and a lack of workplace experience.

“Alot of employers consistently tells they’re seeing students come out of university or training programs and they might have the academic or theoretical skills, but no skills to work at all. It makes them really hard to employ,” Earn a university degree and get a job. This formula has worked with relative success for over 50 years. But increasingly in many fields today the formula is no longer working.

“The number of young people not working while they’re in colleges is one of the problems.” Declining need for kids to work is a symptom of a largely more affluent society, and while it offers young people the luxury of focusing on their studies, it also deprives them of the skills they will pick up in the work force before they take up a full time role.

SHOULDN’T universities prepare students for the workforce!

But if students are paying for an education to prepare them for a career, the logic goes, shouldn’t they get that training in the classroom?

As well as the lack of work experience young employees brings to their career-starting roles, bosses are also quick to point the finger at the education system. Schools should teach workplace skills from high schools and encourage them to get into the workforce. There is a disconnect between what kids are learning at school, university and “the real world”, It’s unfair to put pressure on educational institutions to be “all things to all people”.

“It’s not that the universities are teaching the wrong thing, but more that young people are encouraged to get an education, follow that to a job they believe they want to do, and the assumption that it’s going to be an automatic match with what’s required in the labor market,”

“It would be fabulous if young people were gaining really strong skills that they should be learning, but it’s really hard for educators to catch up. Instead of turning it around and blaming schools, we should look at other path ways.

“There are some really good models of how communities can wrap more around schools and bring educators and employers together.”

“It really, really makes a difference if you get a CV and write that you been employed during school or university. It’s a huge tick.”

Attaining a specialisation certification, or expertise,is needed to get a good job. Examples include a teacher with a Certificate of Gifted Education, MBA graduate got training and knowledge in Digital marketing or a computer programmer who can code in multiple languages and expert level in one language. From earning advanced degrees to job acquisition and career advancement, further education is central to achievement, more so than ever before.

Getting an undergraduate degree today shows you have a foundation of knowledge and skill. However, employers are increasingly seeking those with specialized skills and experience as proof of their ability to be ready for them.

This shift has occurred in about one generation; so what might the future hold for education? What will be required for getting a job in ten years’ time? You definitely need to continue learning

At Entero Software Solutions as a part of CSR activity, we are offering training to students from any discipline. Many of our clients’s looking for trained people and no one out there.
We found there are good companies which had professionals but they don’t have time for training because they are making use of it. We will come with more activities in the future for students.

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